• CUBE excursion 2015: from oil to strudl


    This years CUBE excursion started in Schwechat. There we visited the OMV refinery, in which about 200 different types of crude oils can be converted into gas, fuels, heating oil, chemical products, and more. A tour through the refinery gave ...

  • PICA: Microbial phenotype prediction based on comparative genomics


    The accessibility of almost complete genome sequences of uncultivable microbial species from metagenomes necessitates computational methods predicting microbial phenotypes solely based on genomic data. Roman Feldbauer, master student at CUBE, has investigated how comparative genomics can be utilized for the ...

  • DMES retreat at lake Attersee


    The three divisions CUBE, DOME and TER met for the first retreat of the Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science (DMES) from October 5-7 at lake Attersee in Upper Austria. Scientific presentations by master students, PhD students and postdocs gave ...

  • Effective database relaunched


    A new version of our Effective database is online available. It features novel and upgraded tools for the prediction of bacterial protein secretion. The new web portal provides access to predicted effector proteins and secretion systems for 1677 bacterial genomes ...

  • CUBE & friends BBQ on July 2


    We celebrate 5 years of CUBE and invite all recent and former CUBE members and our friends to  a BBQ party on Thursday July 2nd. The party will start around 5pm on our terrace.

  • New webdesign for CUBE


    The CUBE website has been redesigned based on a layout by pion. The responsive webdesign is friendly to users of mobile devices and allows us to share contents with the other divisions of our department.