Software and databases


The Effective database contains pre-calculated predictions of bacterial secreted proteins and of functional secretion systems.


GenSkew is an application for computing and plotting nucleotide skew data.

Virus orthologous groups

VOGDB, a continously updated resource of Virus Orthologous Groups (VOG) - including virus specific marker groups for metagenomics and universal groups for diversity estimation in virus ecology

Prediction of phenotypic traits in microbial genome drafts

The database PhenDB contains and provides PICA models for phenotypic trait prediction in microbial genome drafts.


The similarity matrix of proteins is a database of protein sequences, their all-against-all sequence similarities and functional annotations.


The "GEnome PAir - Rapid Dotter" allows the calculation of dotplots even for large sequences like chromosomes or bacterial genomes.

Normalization Visualization TOOL (NVT)

NVT is an R package for the assessment of RNA-Seq normalization methods.


HoloVir is a robust and flexible data analysis pipeline that provides an optimised and validated workflow for taxonomic and functional characterisation of viral metagenomes.​​


The accessibility of almost complete genome sequences of uncultivable microbial species from metagenomes necessitates computational methods predicting microbial phenotypes solely based on genomic data. Comparative genomics can be utilized for the prediction of microbial phenotypes. The PICA framework facilitates application and comparison of different machine learning techniques for phenotypic trait prediction. We have improved and extended PICA's support vector machine plug-in and suggest its applicability to large-scale genome databases and incomplete genome sequences.