Five “Highly Cited Researchers” at CeMESS


CeMESS proudly announces that five of its researchers are on the 2023 Clarivate list of the world's most highly cited researchers. This prestigious recognition places them in the top 1% for citations in their respective fields.

The celebrated researchers are Holger Daims (DOME), Thomas Rattei (CUBE), Andreas Richter (TER), Michael Wagner (DOME), and Wolfgang Wanek (TER), each selected for their significant citation impact over the past decade. Their work is distinguished by its inclusion in the Web of Science “Highly Cited Papers”, evidencing substantial influence within their disciplines. Remarkably, these five individuals represent nearly half of the University of Vienna's eleven highly cited researchers this year and constitute over 10% of Austria's total.

This commendation underscores more than just citation numbers; it ultimately reflects the profound impact these researchers have had on their respective fields. Their ideas, discoveries and methods have not only been frequently cited, but have also stimulated ongoing dialogue and progress within the scientific community.

From DOME, Holger Daims and Michael Wagner have been pivotal in advancing our understanding of nitrifying microorganisms. Their discovery of so-called Commamox (microbes that can oxidize ammonia to nitrate), revolutionized our understanding of nitrification. Daims' innovative in situ labelling and imaging methods have become widely-used tools, while Wagner's development of innovative single-cell tools and his recent leadership of the "Microbiomes Drive Planetary Health" Cluster for Excellence further attest to his visionary thinking and commitment to pushing frontiers in microbiology.

TER's Andreas Richter, the Director of CeMESS, has reshaped our grasp of microbial dynamics in terrestrial ecosystems, especially in arctic permafrost. His work on microbial carbon and nitrogen use efficiency is particularly notable. Wolfgang Wanek, also from TER, has significantly advanced our understanding of plant-soil-microbe interactions and their role in ecosystem processes through his development of novel stable isotope methods.

Representing CUBE, Thomas Rattei has distinguished himself across several areas, including bioinformatics, genome analysis, and systems biology. His leadership in various genome sequencing consortia and his team's development of key computational biology resources underscore his broad impact.

Many of the Highly Cited Researchers at CeMESS have been selected for the list for several years, signifying a long-sustained track record for impactful research. At CeMESS, we are incredibly fortunate to have these world-class scientists not only advancing the frontiers of their fields, but also teaching, mentoring, and shaping the next generation of scientific thought leaders.