Bachelor and master thesis projects

Bachelor and Master theses

Our research projects provide permanently new topics for bachelor and master theses. We are happy to adapt the topic of a thesis work to your experience and interests.

Particularly, we currently propose one project for a bachelor and master thesis:

Microbe-host interactions in ancient bacteria

The bacteria in human microbiomes have evolved a wide repertoire for molecular interactions with the hosts. We usually study these for recent bacteria, often based on their genome sequences. Recently, many genome drafts from paleofaeces were published ( In this thesis we will implement and evaluate computational workflows for the prediction of bacterial secreted proteins. Selected predictions will be experimentally validated by a collaborating group at the Helmholtz Centre Munich.

If you are interested and have a good background in bioinformatics, we are very happy to present you these topics in detail during a personal meeting. Please contact Thomas Rattei for more information.

Master Thesis in the field of bioinformatics and precision medicine (St. Anna Kinderkrebsforschung)

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